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As of April 19, 2017, there are 6 orcas living at SeaWorld San Antonio. 

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The Pod

Pictures of SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio Births/Pregnancies
Who DOB Mother Father
Kayla 11/26/1988 Kenau* Orky 2*
Kahana's Miscarriage* 11/6/1990 Kahana* Kotar*
Samoa's Stillborn* 3/14/1992 Samoa* Kotar*
Keet 2/2/1993 Kalina* Kotar*
Haida 2's Calf* 11/20/1994 Haida 2* Kotar*
Haida 2's Fetus* 8/1/2001 Haida 2* Tilikum*
Halyn* 10/9/2005 Kayla Keet
Unna's Stillborn* 4/--/2006 Unna* Unknown
Sakari 1/7/2010 Takara Tilikum*
Kamea 12/6/2013 Takara Kshamenk (A.I.)
Takara's Calf 4/19/2017 Takara Unknown

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