As of October 12, 2015, there are 4 orcas living at Marineland Antibes.

The Pod
Mlf 76

Credit: Marineland Antibes

Pictures of Marineland Antibes

Marineland Antibes' Links

Marineland Antibes Births/ Pregnancies
Who DOB Mother Father
Freya's Stillborn* 3/3/1991 Freya* Kim 2*
Shouka 2/25/1993 Sharkane* Kim2 *
Freya's Stillborn* 3/--/1993 Freya* Kim 2*
Valentin* 2/13/1996 Freya* Kim 2*
Inouk 2/23/1999 Sharkane* Kim 2*
Freya's Stillborn* 3/--/2001 Freya* Kim 2*
Wikie 6/1/2001 Sharkane* Kim 2*
Freya's Stillborn* 4/--/2003 Freya* Kim 2*
Moana 3/16/2011 Wikie Ulises (A.I.)
Keijo 11/20/2013 Wikie Valentin*

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