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Wanda was a female killer whale who was captured in Canada on November 18, 1961. She was the first known orca to be captured. She passed away on November 20, 1961.


Aged-7 to 10 Years


Age at Capture-Approximately 7-10 Years

Date of Death-11/20/61

Place of Capture-Newport Harbor, Canada

Place of Death-Marineland of the Pacific

Cause of Death-Pneumonia, Gastroenteritis


  • Unknown

Also known as

  • Newport Orca

Origin of Wanda

  • Polish for "Wanderer"


  • Unknown

Wanda was discovered alone on November 18th when Marineland of the Pacific attempted to capture her. Once they succeeded they headed back with her for her to only run into the tanks walls. This continued until her death two days later. It is possible that her health may have already been ailing for her to have been ill with pneumonia and gastroenteritis. Depending on if she was a resident orca or transient, her being alone could have also been a sign of her impending death.


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