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Taima was a 20 year old female orca who was born at SeaWorld Orlando on July 11, 1989. Her mother is Gudrun and her father is Kanduke. On June 6, 2010, Taima passed away from labor complications while giving birth.

On July 11, 1989, Gudrun gave birth to her first calf. Her calf, a female, was named Taima. Taima was born during a thunderstorm and Taima means "crash of thunder" in Icelandic.

A few years after Taima's birth, her mother gave birth to her half sister Nyar. Unfortunately, Nyar was ill often and Taima witnessed Gudrun attacking Nyar to try to end her daughter's suffering. Even though many other calves had been born at the park between then and Taima's first calf, Taima didn't know this wasn't normal.




Birthplace-SeaWorld Orlando

Type of Birth-Tail First

Date of Death-6/6/10

Place of Death-SeaWorld Orlando

Cause of Death-Placenta Previa




Half Sisters

  • Katerina (1988)* and Nyar (1993)*

(Note: To see Taima's extended wild family, go to Kanduke's Profile.)

Origin of Taima

  • Icelandic for "Crash of Thunder"


  • Tai


  • 50% Icelandic
  • 50% Bigg's Transient

On May 14, 1998, Taima gave birth to her first calf, a son named Sumar. Taima was a good mother up until a few months after Sumar's birth. She attacked him and the two were separated and Sumar was taken care of by the other females living at the park. After the attack, Taima also was not allowed to perform waterworks again though she had never shown aggression towards a trainer. A few months later, Sumar was moved to SeaWorld San Diego and mothered by Corky.

Though she had not done well with Sumar, she remained with her close companion Tilikum and soon got pregnant by him again. She gave birth to her second son on November 8, 2000 and he was named Tekoa. Taima was a good mother to him the first few months, but again showed aggression towards her calf. After they were separated, Tekoa was mothered by Taima's best friend Kalina and found a playmate in Kalina's son Tuar.

Taima remained with Tilikum over the years and it wasn't until late 2005 that she became pregnant again. She gave birth to her 3rd calf and first daughter on March 12, 2007 and she was named Malia. With Malia, Taima did a much better job. She took very good care of her daughter. Sometimes Taima would need a break from Malia and so Malia and Kalina were grouped together more often. When they were together they could be seen performing with Tilikum.

On June 6, 2010, Taima went into labor with her fourth calf. It is unknown if she delivered the calf but later that day she passed away from complications. Symptoms show she suffered from a condition known as Placenta Previa. This can cause hemorrhaging and miscarriages. The placenta attaches itself to the uterine wall covering or near the cervix and will usually cause bleeding and other complications.

Taima became a very dominant orca over the years and often vied for dominance with Katina. Katina did share dominance with her but Katina could put her in her place. Though she was dominant with other orcas, she was great at waterworks until they were stopped after her attack on Sumar.

Taima was closest to Tilikum and Kalina. Kalina often assisted Taima with Malia and also assisted her when she gave birth to Tekoa. Kalina was hit hard by Taima's death as was Tilikum. Tilikum and Taima were often seen performing together over the years and Tilikum never liked being separated from her for too long. Malia was a very independant calf since she spent a lot of time with the other members of the pod while growing up. After her mother's death she grew even closer to Nalani and the two have remained close since.

Taima was an energetic whale and new many behaviors. She knew how to do the more athletic and high energy behaviors and was one of few to know how to perform the side ways stage slide.


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