• Credit:TINRO
  • Credit:TINRO
  • Credit:TINRO
In July 2015, two orcas were capture by the TINRO Center in Russia. One of these is a young calf. The gender and name are unknown. Judging from pictures, it looks to be a young calf, possibly anywhere between 1 and 4 years old. It is difficult to tell though as the body is submerged in all of the pictures and this would give us a better idea as to how old the calf is. It is also not known if the pictures are of one killer whale or if it could be of two whales since there is little to use as an ID.

In November 2015, a video from TINRO surfaced of a young female killer whale named Malvina. It is not known if these pictures are of the same whale or if this is another whale.


Age-Unknown (Calf)


Age at Capture-Unknown (Calf)

Place of Capture-Okhotsk Sea, Russia


  • Unknown (Russian)


  • 100% Russian

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