Sumar was a male orca who was born at SeaWorld Orlando on May 14 1998. His mother is Taima and his father is Tilikum. He passed away on September 7, 2010 at SeaWorld San Diego from gastric tortion.




Date of Death-9/7/10

Birthplace-SeaWorld Orlando

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Diego

Cause of Death-Gastric Tortion





  • Malia (2007)

Half Sisters

  • Nyar (1993)*, Unna (1996)*, Kohana (2002), Skyla (2004), Sakari (2010)


  • Tekoa (2000)

Half Brothers

  • Kyuquot (1991), Taku (1993)*, Tuar (1999), Nakai (2001), Ikaika (2002), Makaio (2010)

Unknown Sibling

  • Taima's Stillborn (2010)*


  • Katerina*, Nyar*


  • Nalani, Victoria*, Kyara*


  • Trua, Adan

(Note: To see Sumar's extended wild family, go to Kanduke's Profile).

Origin of Sumar

  • Icelandic for "Summer"


  • 75% Icelandic
  • 25% Bigg's Transient

Within a few months of his birth, Sumar had to be separated from his mother after she became aggressive towards him. Many suspect Taima did this after witnessing her mother try to drown her younger sister due to her being mentally and physically ill. After this, Katina and Kalina cared for him until he was moved to SeaWorld San Diego.

After his transfer, Corky raised him as her own. Orkid also assisted in his care. When Bjossa arrived from the Vancouver Aquarium to receive medical treatment, she also took an interest in caring for Sumar. Sumar was transferred to SeaWorld Aurora in 2000 and returned to California the next year. 

Sumar became close to some of the other young males who came to the park as well. He could often be seen with Ulises, Splash, Keet, Keto and Nakai. Sumar was trained for waterworks and often performed with trainers during shows. He never showed any aggression to his trainers and was very reliable. He enjoyed playing with different toys but was also laid back. 

On September 7, 2010, Sumar was given antibiotics after appearing ill. Unfortunately, he passed away later that day from gastric tortion. This type of illness happens in many different species, from large breed dogs to horses. Antibiotics would have proved useless and even if veterinarians had known what was going on, he would have eventually passed away.


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