Springer 3

Credit: Vancouver Aquarium

 Springer is a female orca who was born in 2000, to her mother Sutlej. In late 2001, Sutlej and Springer had not been seen with their family. In 2002, Springer was found alone and starving without her mother. It was decided to attempt to rehabilitate her. After several months, Springer was back to a healthy weight, and when the time came, she was released once her extended family was nearby.  

At first, Springer stayed back from her family. It was several days before she was interacting with them again. Even after, it took some getting used to for her and the females who took care of her.

In 2013, Springer was seen with her first calf by her side. A year later she and her calf were seen together again. Having made it through it's crucial first year, a poll was held in naming the calf. The calf was named Spirit, after Spirit Island, where it was first sighted. It is still unknown if the calf is a male or female

Springer was seen with her second calf on June 5th, 2017. It is unknown if the calf is a male or female.


Birth Year-2000

Age at Rescue/Release-2

Date of Rescue-6/13/02

Place of Rescue-Puget Sound, WA.

Date of Release-7/13/02

Place of Release-Johnstone Strait, BC



  • Mother-Sutlej*
  • Father-Unknown


  • Grandmother-Kelsey
  • Grandfather-Unknown


  • Spirit (2013)
  • Calf (2017)

Unknown Sibling

  • Sutlej's Calf (1997)*

Origin of Springer

  • Anglo Saxon for "Lively"
  • Pronounced: spreeng ER

Also Known as

  • A73


  • 100% Northern Resident

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