Who DOB Mother Father
Baby Shamu 2* 1/5/1986 Kenau* Winston*
Kandu 5's Stillborn* 1/31/1986 Kandu 5* Winston*
Corky 2's Miscarriage* 8/--/1987 Corky 2 Orky 2*
Orkid 9/23/1988 Kandu 5* Orky 2*
Takara 7/9/1991 Kasatka Kotar*
Nakai 9/1/2001 Kasatka Tilikum* (A.I.)
Kohana 5/3/2002 Takara Tilikum* (A.I.)
Kalia 12/21/2004 Kasatka Keet
Makani 2/14/2013 Kasatka Kshamenk (A.I.)
Amaya 12/2/2014 Kalia Ulises


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