Who DOB Mother Father
Kalina* 9/26/1985 Katina Winston*
Kona 2's Fetus* 10/15/1987 Kona 2* Kanduke*
Katerina* 11/4/1988 Katina Kanduke*
Taima* 7/11/1989 Gudrun* Kanduke*
Kenau's Fetus* 8/6/1991 Kenau* Kotar*
Taku* 9/9/1993 Katina Tilikum*
Nyar* 12/31/1993 Gudrun* Tilikum*
Nootka 4's Stillborn* 8/8/1994 Nootka 4* Tilikum*
Keto 6/17/1995 Kalina* Kotar*
Gudrun's Stillborn* 2/21/1996 Gudrun* Tilikum*
Unna 12/27/1996 Katina Tilikum*
Kalina's Stillborn* 2/27/1997 Kalina* Tilikum*
Sumar* 5/14/1998 Taima* Tilikum*
Tuar 6/22/1999 Kalina* Tilikum*
Tekoa 11/8/2000 Taima* Tilikum*
Ikaika 8/25/2002 Katina Tilikum*
Skyla 2/9/2004 Kalina* Tilikum*
Trua 11/23/2005 Takara Taku*
Nalani 9/18/2006 Katina Taku*
Malia 3/12/2007 Taima* Tilikum*
Kayla's Miscarriage* 4/--/2007 Kayla Unknown
Taima's Stillborn* 6/6/2010 Taima* Tilikum*
Makaio 10/9/2010 Katina Tilikum*


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