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Credit: Kamogawa Sea World

Sarah was a 2 year old female orca who was born on May 31, 2003 at Kamogawa Sea World. Her mother is Stella and her father is Bingo. She passed away from an unknown illness on April 26, 2006.

Sarah was well cared for by her mother Stella. She also had two older sisters, Lovey and Lara, who helped take care of Sarah. Sarah also met her father and another male named Oscar. Although she was young, Sarah participated in shows with the other whales. She learned simple behaviors, such as bows and sliding out.

In May 2005, Sarah came down with an illness. She later recovered later that August. Sadly, she became ill again in April 2006. Veterinarians attempted to treat the illness, but she passed away on April 26. It is not known if she battled the same illness as in 2005 or if they were two different illnesses. Her cause of death has never been announced. 




Birthplace-Kamogawa Sea World

Date of Death-4/26/06

Place of Death-Kamogawa Sea World

Cause of Death-Unknown Illness




  • Lovey (1998), Lara (2001), Ran 2 (2006), Lynn (2012)


  • Luna


  • Earth

Origin of Sarah

  • Hebrew for "Princess"
  • Pronounced: sar AH


  • 100% Icelandic


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