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Samoa was an 11 year old female orca who was captured in Iceland on November 14, 1983. She passed away at SeaWorld San Antonio on March 14, 1992.

In November 1983, Samoa had been captured along with Nandu and Tilikum. Samoa and Nandu were purchased by Aquarama Sao Paulo soon after there capture. The two performed at the park until Nandu passed away in 1988. Samoa was alone for the next year until she was moved to SeaWorld Aurora where she lived with Kahana and Kalina. 

In 1990, she was moved to SeaWorld San Antonio where she met a male named Kotar. The two did well together and she soon became pregnant with her first calf. Later in her pregnancy, Samoa became ill which resulted in her going into preterm labor on March 14, 1992. The female calf had likely passed away several days earlier. She was approximately 230 pounds. A full-term fetus would have been about 300 to 350 pounds. Samoa herself passed away several hours after going into labor.




Age at Capture-Approximately 3

Place of Capture-Jokulsa, Iceland

Date of Death-3/14/92

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Antonio

Cause of Death-Labor Complications



Origin of Samoa

  • Fijian for "Land of Plenty"


  • 100% Icelandic


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