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Sakari is a 7 year old female orca living at SeaWorld San Antonio where she was born on January 7, 2010. Her mother is Takara and her father is Tilikum. She is the 2nd calf born to the pair. Unlike her sister Kohana, who was conceived through artificial insemination between Takara and Tilikum, Sakari was conceived naturally.

She lives with her mom, a half sister and two half brothers and can often be seen performing with Takara and Kamea. She spent a lot of time with her older half sister Unna before she passed away. In April 2017, Takara gave birth to her fifith calf, a female named Kyara. Sakari had met Kyara soon after her birth. Sadly, Kyara passed away in July 2017.

She is learning more behaviors now that she is getting older and is a very smart and playful whale. Now that she is getting older, she is starting to learn the more complex behaviors.




Birth Place-SeaWorld San Antonio

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-7:15 AM

Length of Labor-Under 1 Hour



Maternal Grandparents


  • Kohana (2002)

Half Sisters

  • Nyar (1993)*, Unna (1996)*, Skyla (2004), Malia (2007), Kamea (2013), Kyara (2017)*

Half Brothers

  • Kyuquot (1991), Taku (1993)*, Sumar (1998)*, Tuar (1999), Tekoa (2000), Nakai (2001), Ikaika (2002), Trua (2005), Makaio (2010)


  • Nalani, Victoria*, Kyara*


  • Trua, Adan


  • Kalia


  • Keet, Keto, Nakai, Makani


  • Kalia, Halyn*, Adan, Victoria*, Amaya

Origin of Sakari

  • Inuit for "Sweet"
  • Pronounced: suh KAR ee


  • 350 lbs (January 2010)
  • 1,000 lbs (January 2011)
  • 1,300 lbs (January 2012)
  • 1,800 lbs (2013)
  • 2,000 lbs (June 2014)
  • 2,350 lbs (2016)


  • 6.5 ft (January 2010)
  • 12 ft (September 2014)
  • 13 ft (2016)


  • 100% Icelandic

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