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Ran 2, commonly referred to as Ran, is an 11 year old female orca who lives at Kamogawa Sea World where she was born on February 25, 2006 to Stella and Bingo.

Ran grew up under the care of her mother Stella, who was assisted by Ran's sisters Lovey and Lara. In 2008, Lovey gave birth to her own calf, Earth. After Earth's birth, Bingo, Stella and Ran all moved to the back tank in the orca stadium.




Birth Place-Kamogawa Sea World

Type of Birth-Head First




  • Lovey (1998), Lara (2001), Sarah (2003)*, Lynn (2012)


  • Earth


  • Luna

Origin of Ran

  • Japanese for "Orchid"
  • Pronounced: rahn

Commonly Refered to as

  • Ran

Also known as

  • Run
  • Lan


  • 350 lbs (February 2006)
  • 2,646 lbs (December 2011)
  • 3,750 lbs (2015)


  • 7 ft (February 2006)
  • 13.8 ft (December 2011)
  • 16 ft (2015)


  • 100% Icelandic

In November 2011, it was announced that Ran's mother and Lovey were both pregnant again and due in late 2012. It was decided to send Bingo, Stella and Ran to the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. They moved in December 2011, with Ran moving a couple of days before her parents.

Ran could often be seen with her family. In November 2012, Stella gave birth to her fifth calf with Ran's assistance. Ran did very well with her little sister Lynn. Ran has now began cycling, and on December 7th she was moved back to Kamogawa. Kamogawa says it plans to artificially inseminate its females in the future. 

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