PICTURES WANTED: If you have any pictures you would like to have featured on this site then let me know as some pictures of orcas are harder to come across than others. Please DO NOT send me a picture to upload that is NOT your own! You must be the owner of the picture or have PERMISSION from the owner that you can upload it to this page. If you would like to send me a picture owned by someone who owns the whales, such as SeaWorld, Loro, etc., then please tell me that is who owns it. Also if you would like to upload photos and do not want people to take them, either put a WATERMARK, FOR ORCA POD, or your NAME on it. I CAN NOT guarantee people won't take them but at least they can't claim them as theirs then. If you see a picture who is owned by someone else and not who it says it is, please let me know. I may have uploaded it wrong or have false information on who owns it.

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