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Orky was a 6 year old male orca who was captured on July 29, 1967 in Canada. He passed away in July 1969 at Marineland of the Pacific from pneumonia.

Orky's capture was not planned. He was accidently captured, though he was soon sold to Marineland. Orky was the only orca at the park at the time of his arrival. The park trained him and he eventually performed in shows along with different species of dolphins. Orky was also trained for waterworks and did well with his trainers. Eventually, the park purchased two more orcas on March 13, 1968. A male named Orky 2 and a female named Corky joined Orky. Orky and Corky performed together as well. Sadly, Orky passed away from pneumonia in July 1969.




Age at Capture-Approximately 4

Place of Capture-Port Hardy, BC

Date of Death-7/--/69

Place of Death-Marineland of the Pacific

Cause of Death-Pneumonia


  • Northern Residents (I11 Pod)

Origin of Orky

  • Derived from "Orca"
  • Pronounced: or KEE


  • 3,990 lbs (1967)
  • 4,950 lbs (1969)


  • 13.7 ft (1967)
  • 16.7 ft (1969)


  • 100% Northern Resident


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