The following pictures are owned by Marineland Canada, SeaWorld, UT San Diego, Seven Seas Texas, News Archives and John Prevost's "Killer Whales".

Nootka kandu2

Nootka and Kandu 2

Nootka 1990
Nootka 2
UTI1763299 r620x349

Kandu 5 and Nootka

Nootka1 87473
Nootka1 4772
Nootka1 39554
Nootka1 87434
Nootka1 7854
Nootka1 8754
Nootka1 7443
Nootka1 4755
Nootka1 4954
Kandu5 nootka1 john prevost

Kandu 5 and Nootka. Credit: From John Prevost's "Killer Whales"


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