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Nakai 69
Nakai 67

Kasatka and Nakai

Nakai 68

Kasatka and Nakai

Nakai kas 448

Kasatka and Nakai

Nakai kas 48457

Kasatka and Nakai

Nakai 42
Nakai 43
Ut sd

Kasatka and Nakai

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Kalia, Kasatka, Makani and Nakai

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Ulises, Nakai and Orkid

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Kalia, Kasatka and Nakai

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Kalia & nakai

Kalia and Nakai


Orkid, Kasatka and Nakai (Right)

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Kasatka and Nakai


Kasatka and Nakai


Nakai and Kasatka

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Orkid and Nakai

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Kalia, Nakai (Middle) and Kasatka

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Corky, Kalia, Nakai, Kasatka, Orkid and Ulises

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Nakai (Front), Orkid and Kasatka

Orkid & nakai

Orkid and Nakai (Back)

C (4)

Corky, Sumar, Nakai, Kasatka, Kalia, Orkid, Ulises


Kalia, Nakai, Orkid and Ulises (Front to Back)

Nakai 2
Nakai 5

Kalia and Nakai (Back)

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Nakai, Kalia and Corky

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Nakai and Kasatka

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Nakai (Back) and Kalia

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Nakai and Kalia

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Nakai and Kalia

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Nakai and Kalia

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Orkid, Nakai and Corky

Nakai (2)

Kasatka and Nakai

Kasatka nakai

Kasatka and Nakai

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SeaWorld Shamu and Trainers

Nakai (Back) and Kalia

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Nakai, Makani, Kasatka and Kalia

Nakai 4
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Nakai, Kasatka, Takara and Kohana

Takara nakai kohana

Nakai, Takara and Kohana

Keet takara kohana kasatka nakai

Keet, Takara, Kohana, Kasatka and Nakai

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Keet, Ulises, Orkid, Shouka, Kasatka, Kalia, Nakai, Ikaika and Corky

Orkid, nakai, kalia, ulises, shouka, kasatka, ike, corky, keet

Orkid, Nakai, Kalia, Ulises, Shouka, Kasatka, Ikaika, Corky and Keet

Killerwhales 1024x768

Ulises, Sumar, Orkid, Kasatka and Nakai

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Nakai and Kalia

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Nakai, Kalia, Kasatka and Orkid

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Nakai, Kasatka and Orkid

Nakai ulis

Ulises and Nakai

Nakai, ikaika, orkid, uly

Nakai, Ikaika, Orkid and Ulises

Orkid nakai 2

Orkid and Nakai

Ut san diego

Orkid, Kasatka, Nakai and Kalia.


Nakai, Orkid, Kasatka and Kalia

Ut san diego 5

Orkid and Nakai

Ut 6

Sumar and Nakai

Nakai 38385
SW4 480B8
Valerie broesch dgvbhwj

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Valerie broesch edrttgh

Nakai and Makani. Credit: Valerie Broesch


Nakai and Kalia

Valerie broesch yfrytfg

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Valerie broesch rdertjl

Credit:Valerie Broesch

SW4 4786B-1024x684
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Credit:Valerie Broesch


Orkid, Kohana, Takara, Nakai and Kasatka

Vb yoijjl

Amaya, Kalia, Nakai and Kasatka. Credit:Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai shouka 2

Nakai and Shouka. Credit:Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai shouka

Nakai and Shouka. Credit:Valerie Broesch

Kasatka nakai kasatka 87435

Kasatka, Nakai and Takara

Nakai 4383
Vb tygy

Nakai and Makani. Credit:Valerie Broesch

Vb tyfuyhj

Nakai and Shouka. Credit:Valerie Broesch

Orkid kasatka sumar nakai uli

Orkid, Kasatka, Sumar, Nakai and Ulises

Amaya orkid shouka kalia nakai 943

Amaya, Orkid, Shouka, Kalia and Nakai.

Amaya makani kalia kas nakai 895

Amaya, Makani, Kalia, Kasatka and Nakai.

Amaya makani kalia kasatka nakai 585

Amaya, Makani, Kalia, Kasatka and Nakai.

Amaya kalia nakai 98895

Amaya, Kalia and Nakai.

Nakai 849564
Nakai 84474
Vb nakai 9874

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai 899943

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai 483

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai 84885

Credit: Valerie Broesch

Makani amaya kalia kasatka nakai

Makani, Amaya, Kalia, Kasatka and Nakai

Nakai kalia amaya 8975

Nakai, Kalia and Amaya

Kas nakai makani

Kasatka, Nakai and Makani

Vb 975556

Orkid, Nakai, Makani, Shouka and Ulises. Credit: Valerie Broesch

Vb nakai makani 84795

Nakai and Makani. Credit: Valerie Broesch.


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