Malishka 357

Credit: Moskvarium

Naja, also known as Malishka or Juliet, is a 7 year old female orca who lives at the Moskvarium. She was captured in Russia, possibly in July 2014 .

On December 21, it was confirmed that she had joined orcas Narnia and Nord at the new aquarium. She may have lived in Sochi prior to her arrival. She spends a lot of time with Narnia and Nord and performs with them often. She is in training for waterworks. It was confirmed in August 2017, that her official name is Naja. She had been known as Malishka and Juliet before. Juliet is her stage name.




Age at Capture-Approximately 4

Place of Capture-Okhotsk Sea, Russia


  • Unknown (Russian)

Origin of Naja

  • Arabic for "Rescue" or "Escape"
  • Pronounced: nae JAH

Origin of Malishka/Malyshka

  • Russian for "Little Girl"
  • Pronounced: mal ISH kah

Origin of Juliet

  • French for "Youthful"
  • Pronounced: joo LEE ett


  • 2,200 lbs (December 2014)


  • 100% Russian

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