Moby doll-vancouver

Credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Moby Doll was a 5 to 7 year old male orca who was captured in the United States on July 16, 1964. He was soon transferred to the Vancouver Aquarium where he passed away on October 9, 1964.

Moby Doll was originally wanted as a model of a killer whale by the Vancouver Aquarium. Fishermen went out and found a group of orcas and harpooned Moby Doll. He survived the harpoon wound and was instead taken to the Jericho Military Base were a sea pen had been built for him. Upon his arrival, Moby refused to eat. Eventually, he did start eating and gained weight. He became more active but the water quality where the sea pen was located was not very clean. Moby's health started to deteriorate. Marineland of the Pacific was interested in buying him but he passed away from drowning before that could happen. Originally, it was thought Moby Doll was a female until his necropsy was performed which revealed he was a male.


Aged-5 to 7 Years


Age at Capture-Approximately 5 to 7 Years

Place of Capture-Washington, USA

Date of Death-10/9/64

Place of Death-Vancouver Aquarium

Cause of Death-Unknown


  • Southern Residents (J Pod)

Origin of Moby Doll

  • Derived from Moby Dick
  • Pronounced: moh BEE doll


  • 3,080 lbs (July 1964)
  • 2,280 lbs (October 1964)


  • 15.4 ft (1964)


  • 100% Southern Resident


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