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Kyu was a 12 year old male orca who was captured in Japan on February 9, 1997. He passed away on September 18, 2004.

Immediately after his capture, Kyu was purchased by Nanki Shirahama Adventure World along with two others who passed away a few months after the move. For a few months after, he stayed in the back tank. Eventually he met Goro, Ruka and Ran. The four performed together and he did well with his pod mates. 

Kyu went on to mate with Ran and she became pregnant. On August 26, 2004, she gave birth to what was presumed to be a female calf. Sadly, the calf was born prematurely and suffered from a broken skull. She passed away two days later on August 28. Kyu met his daughter before she passed away. Ran passed away a day after the calf.

Kyu came down with bacterial pneumonia several weeks later and passed away on September 18, 2004.




Age at Capture-Approximately 5

Place of Capture-Hatajiri Bay, Japan

Date of Death-9/18/04

Place of Death-Nanki Shirahama Adventure World

Cause of Death-Bacterial Pneumonia



Origin of Kyu

  • Japanese for "Nine"
  • Pronounced: cue


  • 100% Japanese


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