Kiska (Front) & Hudson. Credit:Marineland Ontario

Kiska is a 41 year old female orca who lives at Marineland Ontario. She was captured in Iceland in October 1979 at about 3 years old.

Kiska has had 5 calves but all of them died at a young age. Her first calf was a male born on August 24, 1992. He only survived 2 months. Her second calf was a male named Kanuck. Kanuck was born on August 28, 1994 and died sometime in 1998. Her third calf was a male named Nova who was born on November 6, 1996 and died on August 20, 2001. Her fourth calf was another male named Hudson. He was born on September 15, 1998 and died on October 20, 2004. He was Kiska's longest surviving calf. Her last calf was born on August 8, 2004. She was Kiska's first daughter and was named Athena. Athena died in Spring 2009.



Captured-October 1979

Age at Capture-Approximately 3

Place of Capture-Ingolfshofdi, Iceland



Origin of Kiska

  • Russian for "Pure"


  • 6,500 lbs (July 2006)


  • 20 ft (July 2006)


  • 100% Icelandic

It is thought that her mate, Kandu 7, may have passed down genes that resulted in multiple of his calves being born with illnesses. He sired all of the calves born in the park and all but 2 died before or at the age of 6. Marineland though, has often been scrutinized for how they take care of their animals. Improper health care was also likely a factor.

In 2006, Marineland received a 4 year old male orca from SeaWorld named Ikaika. Ikaika lived with Kiska, Nootka 5 and Athena. Over the years, Nootka and Athena died and Ikaika was Kiska's only companion. As Ikaika grew older, they were often seperated because he would harass her.

In November 2011, Ikaika was moved to SeaWorld San Diego after a long custody battle between Marineland and SeaWorld. Kiska is the only orca living at Marineland.

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