The following pictures are owned by SeaWorld, San Diego Union Tribune and National Geographic.


Kandu giving birth to Orkid.


Kandu giving birth to Orkid.

Orkid 77

Kandu giving birth to Orkid.

Kandu & orkid (2)

Kandu and Orkid

Kandu orkid 45

Kandu 5 and Orkid

Orkid and kandu

Orkid and Kandu

Canuck 2 kandu 5 winston

Canuck 2, Kandu 5 and Winston

UTI1763299 r620x349

Kandu 5 and Nootka

Kandu5 676
Kandu & corky

Kandu 5 and Corky 2

21196 511624768894114 1949217924 n

Kandu 5, Kasatka, Katina and Kenau


Kenau and Kandu 5

Kenau kandu 5

Kenau and Kandu 5

Kandu 5
Kandu5 kenau

Kandu 5 and Kenau

Kenau, kandu, katina, kasatka natgeo

Kenau, Kandu 5, Katina and Kasatka

Kandu5 287
Orkidkandu 5 sdut

Orkid and Kandu 5

Kandu5 4898
Kandu5 nootka1 john prevost

Kandu 5 and Nootka. Credit: John Prevost's "Killer Whales"


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