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Kandu 5 was a 14 year old female orca who was captured in Iceland on October 12, 1977. She passed away on August 21, 1989 from hemorrhaging.

Kandu was soon purchased by SeaWorld after her capture. She was transferred to their park in San Diego in December 1977. She also spent time at SeaWorld Aurora. Kandu was a dominant orca and she also didn't do well with waterworks. She was a reliable whale though and did well with her training. 

Kandu became pregnant with her first calf after mating with a male named Winston while living in San Diego. Sadly, the calf was born stillborn on January 31, 1986.

A year later, a male and female, Orky 2 and Corky 2, moved to San Diego. Orky and Kandu soon mated and she became pregnant with her second calf. She gave birth to a female calf on September 23, 1988. Her daughter was named Orkid after her father who passed away days after her birth.

Eventually, it was just Kandu, Orkid and Corky at the park. Corky became close with Orkid, and Kandu being rather dominant, did not like this. She was very protective over her daughter. On August 21, 1989, Corky and Orkid were performing together when Kandu was in one of the side back pools. Kandu entered the show pool and swam after Corky, running into her. While Corky was okay, Kandu broke her jaw which severed an artery. She left to the back pool with Orkid. Kandu eventually lost too much blood and passed away soon after. 




Age at Capture-Approximately 3

Place of Capture-Ingolfshofdi, Iceland

Date of Death-8/21/89

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Diego

Cause of Death-Hemorrhaging



Origin of Kandu

  • Telugu for "Blackness"
  • Pronounced: can DOO


  • 100% Icelandic


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