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Kahana was a 13 year old female orca who was captured in October 1978. She passed away on May 14, 1991.

After Kahana's capture, she arrived to Hafnarfjordur Aquarium. Later that month, she was purchased by SeaWorld and moved to their Orlando park. In 1985, Kahana moved to SeaWorld Ohio and moved around during the summers and winters between the other parks. 

Eventually, Kahana made her way to San Antonio in 1990. She soon met a male named Kotar and she became pregnant with her first calf. Sady, Kahana miscarried her calf in November 1990. In May, 1991, Kahana started to act irregular. She hit her head against one of the walls which led to her bleeding and breaking her skull. She passed away on May 14th. A necropsy was performed and it was discovered that she had a tumor. 




Age at Capture-Approximately 1

Place of Capture-Tvisker, Iceland

Date of Death-5/14/91

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Antonio

Cause of Death-Cancer



Origin of Kahana

  • Hawaiian for "Priest"
  • Pronounced: kah HAH nah


  • 100% Icelandic


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