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Junior was an 11 year old male orca who was captured in Iceland in November 1984. He passed away in June 1994.

Junior was captured along with several other orcas. While the other orcas were eventually sold to marine parks, Junior was not bought right away. Eventually, Junior was purchased by Marineland Canada in 1986. Here he met several other whales and eventually performed with them. Junior was a bit slower in his training than the other whales. Because of this, he was eventually moved to what is known as Marineland's warehouse. The warehouse was an indoor area which had a small tank inside. This was usually used to keep dolphins in until they were trained for shows. Junior, however, had lived in the warehouse from 1990 until his death. Junior was up for sale, but no marine parks were interested. Sadly, Junior passed away in June 1994 from brain damage.




Age at Capture-Approximately 2

Place of Capture-Berufjordur, Iceland

Date of Death-6/--/94

Place of Death-Marineland Canada

Cause of Death-Brain Damage


  • Unknown (Icelandic)

Origin of Junior

  • Latin for "Younger"


  • 100% Icelandic


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