Here we try to explain inbreeding as easily as we can. This is a basic explanation. It is a rather in depth concept that we have been trying to learn about, but here are the basic.

Definition of Inbreeding: Mating and conception of offspring between two related individuals.

Cons of Inbreeding

  •          Higher risk of the offspring having a disease or diseases.
  •         Higher risk of a birth defect.
  •          Higher risk of unsuccessful pregnancies.
  •         An inbred individual may have a harder time becoming pregnant or giving birth to live young.
  •          Decrease in genetic diversity.

Pros of Inbreeding

  •         When minimal inbreeding is conducted, it can help to eliminate certain diseases and promote certain genetics. This percentage should try to remain lower than 6.25%

The percentage of inbreeding indicates the probability (chance) of the offspring having a disease or birth defect.

Measure of Percentage of Inbreeding Probability (The following percentages list the probability of inbreeding between two related individuals. The percent is how likely the offspring is to be inbred.)

  •          25% Probability=Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister
  •          12.5% Probability=Grandfather/Granddaughter, Grandmother/Grandson, Half Brother/Half Sister, Uncle/Niece, Aunt/Nephew
  •          6.25% Probability=Great Grandfather/Great Granddaughter, Great Grandmother/Great Grandson, Half Uncle/Half Niece, Half Aunt/Half Nephew, First Cousins

If an already inbred individual conceives offspring with another related individual, the inbreeding probability increases in the offspring.

If an already inbred individual conceives offspring with an unrelated individual, the inbreeding probability decreases in the offspring.

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