Kiska (Front) and Hudson. Credit:Marineland Ontario

Hudson was a 6 year old male orca who was born at Marineland Canada on September 15, 1998. His mother is Kiska and his father is Kandu 7. He passed away on October 20, 2004. 

Hudson was Kiska's fourth calf and fourth son. Kiska bonded quickly with her son and was an attentive mother. When his half brother Algonquin was born in 1999, the two became very close. The two got along very well and could often be seen playing together and training. Sadly, Algonquin passed away in 2002. Nootka 5 became more dominant towards him and eventually Hudson was moved to King Waldorf Theatre. His stay was not long here however as his half sister Neocia also became dominant with him. He was soon back at Friendship Cove with his parents and Nootka. 

In August 2004, Kiska gave birth to his younger sister Athena. Hudson had been trained for artificial insemination collections but would have been too young for a viable sample. Sadly, a couple months after Athena's birth, Hudson passed away from Meningitis.




Place of Birth-Marineland Canada

Date of Death-10/20/04

Place of Death-Marineland Canada

Cause of Death-Meningitis




  • Athena (2004)*


  • Kiska's Calf (1992)*, Kanuck (1994)*, Nova (1996)*

Half Sisters

  • Neocia (1992)*, Malik (1996)*, Nootka 5's Calf (1998)*, April (2004)*

Half Brothers

  • Algonquin (1999)*

Unknown Siblings

  • Nootka 5's Miscarriage (2001)*, Nootka 5's Miscarriage (2006)*


  • Neocia's Miscarriage*

Origin of Hudson

  • German for "Son of Hudd"
  • Pronounced: hud SUN


  • 100% Icelandic


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