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Credit: Hongkong News Archive

Hoi Wai, also known as Suzie Wong, was a 20 year old female killer whale who lived at Ocean Park Hongkong. She was captured in Iceland on October 12, 1977 and died on April 21, 1997.

Soon after her capture, Hoi Wai was sent to Dolfinarium Harderwijk. She was soon moved by Windsor Safari Park along with Winnie. Here, Hoi Wai was known as Peanuts and Winnie was known as Frya. Although they lived at Windsor, they were owned by SeaWorld. Hoi Wai was moved to Clacton Dolphinarium in 1978 but only stayed there for a few months due to storm damage. In January 1979, Hoi was back at Windsor but only untill the end of January. 

This time she was moved to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Here she met a male orca named Bubba. The two got along well and performed together. Hoi Wai received her name here. She participated in waterworks with her trainers and did well. Sadly, Bubba passed away in 1991, leaving Hoi Wai without an orca companion. She continued to perform and did well at the park, spending time with dolphins. Unfortunately, Hoi Wai became ill in April 1997. She was experiencing a loss in appetite but started to eat again in a couple of days. Within a couple more days, she began to deteriorate and bled out from her intestines. She passed away from blood loss on April 21, 1997.




Age at Capture-1

Place of Capture-Ingolfshofdi, Iceland

Date of Death-4/21/97

Place of Death-Ocean Park Hong Kong

Cause of Death-Blood Loss


  • Unknown (Icelandic)

Also Known as

  • Suzie Wong
  • Peanuts

Origin of Hoi Wai

  • Hawaiian for "Greek Waters"
  • Pronounced: hoy WOH


  • 100% Icelandic


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