The following pictures are owned by Dolfinarium Harderwijk and SeaWorld.

Taima 9

Gudrun giving birth to Taima.

Gudrun 4

Gudrun 2
Nyar 4

Gudrun giving birth to Nyar.


Gudrun giving birth to Nyar.

Nyar 2

Gudrun giving birth to Nyar.

Nyar 6

Nyar and Gudrun

Gudrun kal kat

Gudrun, Kalina and Katina

Gudrun 3

Gudrun and Katina

Gudrun nyar

Gudrun and Nyar

Pic-slipstream (2)

Taima and Gudrun

Katina gudrun taima

Katina, Gudrun and Taima. Photoshop by SeaWorld.

Gudrun katina

Gudrun and Katina

Taku katina gudrun

Taku, Katina and Gudrun


Taima with Gudrun.

E5373f694ea14effba7e7cb33d92bd0c pic-sw-killer-whale-reproduction-01--400x400

Katerina, Katina and Gudrun

Nyar katina gudrun taku

Nyar, Katina, Gudrun and Taku

Gudrun kalina 566151

Gudrun and Kalina


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