Gudrun 3

Credit: SeaWorld

 Gudrun was a female orca who was captured from Iceland in October 1976. Soon after her capture, she was transferred to Dolfinarium Harderwijk. She remained here until her final move to SeaWorld Orlando in November 1987, where she died from labor complications on February 25, 1996.



Age at Capture-Under 1

Date of Capture-10/25/76

Place of Capture-Medallandsbugt, Iceland

Date of Death-2/25/96

Place of Death-SeaWorld Orlando

Cause of Death-Labor Complications




Origin of Gudrun

  • Swedish for "Wise"
  • Norse for "God's Secret Lore"
  • Gudrun was the name of a capture vessel.


  • 100% Icelandic

After Gudrun moved to Orlando, she was placed with the parks male orca Kanduke. The two mated and Gudrun became pregnant with her first calf. She gave birth to a daughter on July 11, 1989. Her calf was named Taima, which means crash of thunder in Icelandic, due to the fact that Taima was born during a thunder storm. Despite having lived on her own for ten years, Gudrun took very good care of her calf. The two of them could often be seen with Katina and her calf Katerina.

On December 31, 1993, Gudrun gave birth to her second daughter named Nyar. Nyar suffered from illnesses often though, to the point that Gudrun tried to drown her multiple times. This is something that is commonly seen in animals of many species. Nyar never performed in shows and had to be separated from her mother. Nyar would often be grouped with her father Tilikum. Taima later behaved aggressive to two of her calves after witnessing this. Nyar passed away on April 1, 1996.

Gudrun became pregnant with her third calf, again sired by Tilikum, and went into labor on February 21, 1996. Unfortunately, she suffered from labor complications and was unable to deliver the calf. Trainers and veterinarians tried to assist, but Gudrun passed away a few days later on February 25. 


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