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"Father of Kshamenk" was captured on September 17, 1992 in Argentina. He passed away later that day at Mundo Marino.

Two killer whales were said to have been rescued on September 17, though it seems more likely that the two were captured. The young male was named Kshamenk. Sadly, the older male passed away the same day. Because of this, he was never given an official name so he became known as "Father of Kshamenk" because of his larger size compared to the smaller Kshamenk. It is unlikely that he was actually Kshamenk's father do to the killer whale society. Father's do not usually stay with their calves and only find females when mating. It would be more likely that "Father of Kshamenk" was actually Kshamenk's brother, uncle, nephew or cousin, though there is a chance that they were not related at all. His cause of death is not known, though it was likely a result of his capture.




Age at Capture-Unknown

Place of Capture-Samborombon Bay, Argentina

Date of Death-9/19/92

Place of Death-Mundo Marino

Cause of Death-Unknown


  • Unknown (Argentinian Transients)
  • Possible Relatives-Kshamenk, Belen's Stillborn (1998), Belen's Fetus (2000), Makani, Kamea

Origin of Father of Kshamenk

  • Kshamenk is Yámana for "Orca"
  • He was captured with a smaller whale named Kshamenk.
  • Kshamenk is Pronounced: sha MENK


  • 100% Argentinian Transient


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