1. Halyn and Makaio share the same birthday, October 9th. Halyn was born in 2005 and Makaio was born in 2010.
  2. Shouka and Ran 2 share the same birthday, February 25. Shouka was born in 1993 and Ran was born in 2006.
  3. Katina gave birth to the first successful calf born into captivity on September 26, 1985 and her daughter was named Kalina.
  4. Tilikum was the most successful breeding male in captivity siring 20 calves, with 14 successful births. Katina is the most successful female giving birth successfully 7 times.
  5. There have been 5 inbred orcas: Neocia's Miscarriage (2004), Nalani (2006), Adan (2010), Victoria (2012) and Keijo (2013). Unna's stillborn in 2006 may have also been inbred.
  6. 3 calves have been rejected by their mothers after birth: Halyn, Adan and Victoria.
  7. Brother and sister, Earth and Luna, are both named after objects from the solar system. Luna means "moon" in Latin. Their grandmother is named Stella which means "star" in Latin.
  8. Five orcas have been born as a result of artificial insemination: Nakai (2001), Kohana (2002), Moana (2011), Makani (2013) and Kamea (2013).
  9. The first orca in captivity was a female named Wanda in 1961.
  10. Earth and Adán share the same birthday, October 13th. Earth was born in 2008 and Adán was born in 2010.
  11. Although Adán was born on October 13th, his birthday is celebrated on October 12th, which is Spain's national holiday.
  12. SeaWorld orcas, Taima and Amaya, were both born during storms. The name, Taima, means "crash of thunder" in Icelandic and Amaya means "night rain" in Arabic.
  13. Originally, it was thought Lynn was named Rin. Some still refer to her as Rin.

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