Corky 4554

Credit:Marineland of the Pacific.

Corky was a 5 year old female orca who was captured in April 1968 from Pender Harbor, BC. She passed away in December 1970 at Marineland of the Pacific.

Corky was captured along with several other orcas. On May 13, 1968 Corky and Orky 2 were moved to Marineland. The two whales joined Orky at the park. Orky passed away the next year, and Corky and Orky 2 were now the main performers at the park. Corky 2, Kenny and Patches were also moved to the park. The whales seemed to get along well with one another. Sadly, Corky passed away in December 1970 from an abscess. 




Age at Capture-Approximately 3

Place of Capture-Pender Harbor, BC

Date of Death-12/--/70

Place of Death-Marineland of the Pacific

Cause of Death-Abscess


  • Northern Residents (A5 Pod?)

Origin of Corky

  • Derived from "Orky"
  • Pronounced: kor KEE


  • 2,530 lbs (1968)


  • 13.1 ft (1968)
  • 16.4 ft (1970)


  • 100% Northern Resident


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