Charlie chin

Credit: Dolphins by Thomas Jefferson

Charlie Chin was an adult male orca who was captured in March 1970 with several other orcas. One of these orcas was presumed to be his mother, Pointednose Cow, also known as Florencia. He passed away in 1992.

Charlie Chin was going to be moved to a marine park, but before the move occurred, someone lowered the net out to sea and Charlie Chin and Pointednose Cow escaped. Charlie Chin ended up traveling with his assumed mother over the years. Pointednose cow also had several calves after the escape, and those calves have also given birth. Charlie Chin was likely named due to his facial features. He had a very noticable overbite. He also had a notch in his dorsal fin, making him very recognizable. Charlie Chin was last seen in 1992 in Alaska.




Age at Capture-Unknown

Place of Capture-British Columbia, CA

Date of Escape-10/27/70

Place of Escape-British Columbia, CA

Date of Death-1992

Place of Death-Alaska?



  • Mother-Pointednose Cow/Florencia*

Half Brothers/Brothers

  • Bajo (1972)*

Half Sisters/Sisters

  • Pedder (1979), Tasu (1989)


  • Lucy


  • Rocky, Tumbo

Unknown Nieces/Nephews

  • Pedder's Calf*

Origin of Charlie Chin

  • Due to his facial features.
  • Pronounced: char LEE chin

Also known as

  • M1
  • T1


  • 100% Bigg's Transient

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