Credit:Kamogawa Sea World

Caren was a 9 year old female orca who was captured in Iceland in November 1979. She passed away at Kamogawa Sea World on May 4, 1987.

After Caren was captured, she was sent to the Hafnarfjordur Aquarium to be sold. Soon after she was moved to Marineland Ontario. Her stay was short as she was eventually moved to Kamogawa Sea World in February 1980. 

She arrived on February 11th from Marineland, while a male named King arrived the same day from another park. They got along well together and performed at the park. King passed away in 1983 and was the only orca at the park until a male named Bingo and a female named Patty arrived in 1985. Sadly, Caren passed away on May 4, 1987.



Captured-November 1979

Age at Capture-Approximately 2

Place of Capture-Ingolfshofdi, Iceland

Date of Death-5/4/87

Place of Death-Kamogawa Sea World

Cause of Death-Agranulocytosis


  • Unknown (Icelandic)

Also known as

  • Calen

Origin of Caren

  • Swedish for "Pure"
  • Pronounced: ca REN


  • 2,013 lbs (1979)
  • 3,520 lbs (1985)
  • 3,880 lbs (1987)


  • 11.8 ft (1979)
  • 15.7 ft (1985)
  • 16.4 ft (1987)


  • 100% Icelandic


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