Credit:Izu-Mito Sea Paradise

Asuka was a 17 year old female orca who was captured in Japan on February 9, 1997. She passed away on September 19, 2007 of an unknown cause. 

Asuka was captured along with five other orcas. She and Ku were both moved to the Taiji Whaling Museum. After a month, she was moved to Izu-Mito Sea Paradise where she met a male orca named Yamato (previously known as Tanouk). The two got along well and performed together in shows. They hoped the two would go on to have a calf, but in 2000, Yamato passed away and the park never acquired another killer whale. Instead, Asuka lived with dolphins. Sadly, Asuka herself passed away in September 2007. 




Age at Capture-Approximately 7

Place of Capture-Hatajiri Bay, Japan

Date of Death-9/19/07

Place of Death-Izu-Mito Sea Paradise

Cause of Death-Unknown


  • Unknown (Japanese)

Origin of Asuka

  • Japanese for "Beautiful Tomorrow"
  • Pronounced: ah SUH kah


  • 100% Japanese


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