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Credit: Valerie Broesch

Amaya is a 3 year old female orca who was born on December 2, 2014. Her mother is Kalia and her father is Ulises. She is Kalia's first calf and she was born at SeaWorld San Diego. On December 18, SeaWorld confirmed she was a female and that Ulises is her father. 

Kasatka was there to assist Kalia throughout the labor. Nakai and Makani were also present. SeaWorld states that they suspect Amaya was most likely conceived naturally. Kalia had only been artificially inseminated once, while Ulises and her had mated several times before and after the insemination. On January 23, SeaWorld announced that she had been named Amaya. Amaya was born during a rain storm and the name Amaya means "night rain" in Arabic.

Amaya is a very energetic and playful calf. She can often be seen playing with her uncle Makani. She is also rather independant for her age. She will often swim away from her mother to explore other areas or socialize with other whales.




Birthplace-SeaWorld San Diego

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-12:34 PM (EST)



Maternal Grandparents

Maternal Great Grandparents

Maternal Great Great Grandparents

Half Brother

  • Moana (2011)


  • Baby Shamu 2*, Katerina*, Takara, Unna*, Skyla, Halyn*, Nalani


  • Taku*, Keto, Tuar, Nakai, Ikaika, Makaio, Makani


  • Kohana, Trua, Nalani, Sakari, Adan, Victoria*, Kamea, Kyara*

Origin of Amaya

  • "Night Rain" in Arabic and Japanese
  • Pronounced: AH my AH

Other Names Considered

  • Kissa ("First Born Daughter" in African)
  • Nasia ("Immortal" in Greek)

Also Known as

  • Great Great Grandbaby Shamu


  • 350 lbs (December 2014)
  • 500 lbs (May 2015)
  • 800 lbs (October 2015)
  • 1,000 lbs (March 2016)
  • 1,550 lbs (July 2017)


  • 6.5 ft (December 2014)
  • 7 ft (May 2015)
  • 8.75 ft (July 2015)
  • 9 ft (October 2015)
  • 10 ft (March 2016)
  • 11 ft (July 2017)


  • 93.75% Icelandic
  • 6.25% Southern Resident

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