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Credit:Loro Parque

Adán is a 7 year old male orca who was born on October 13, 2010, though Loro Parque celebrates his birthday on the 12th, which is Spain's national holiday. His mother is Kohana and his father is Keto. He was the first orca to be born in Loro Parque and also the first orca to be born in Spain.

Sadly after birth, his mother Kohana rejected him as she didn't know how to take care of a calf. He is also slightly inbred as Kohana's mother Takara, is Keto's half sister. This combination means Adán could be up to 6.25% inbred.




Birth Place-Loro Parque

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-Morning (BST)

Length of Labor-2 Hours




Great Grandparents

  • Maternal Great Grandmother-Kasatka*
  • Maternal Great Grandfather-Kotar*
  • Paternal Great Grandmother-Katina
  • Paternal Great Grandfather-Winston*


  • Victoria (2012)*


  • Takara, Nyar*, Unna*, Skyla, Malia, Sakari, Kamea, Kyara*


  • Kyuquot, Keet, Taku*, Keto, Sumar*, Tuar, Tekoa, Nakai, Ikaika, Trua, Makaio, Makani


  • Kohana, Kalia, Halyn*, Trua, Nalani, Sakari, Victoria*, Kamea, Amaya, Kyara*

Origin of Adán

  • Means "The First Man" in Spanish and is the Spanish form of "Adam".
  • Means "Man" and "Earth" in both Spanish and Hebrew.
  • Pronunciation-ah DAHN

Other Names Considered

  • Pua


  • 330 lbs (October 2010)
  • 1,192 lbs (October 2011)
  • 2,300 lbs (2016)


  • 6.5 ft (October 2010)
  • 9.8 ft (October 2011)
  • 14.1 ft (2016)


  • 87.5% Icelandic
  • 12.5% Southern Resident

Adán has been introduced to all of the orcas living in Loro Parque. The first whale he was introduced to was Keto. He was the first to be introduced to his younger sister, Victoria, and the two could often be seen together. Around September 2012, Adán started appearing in shows along with the older orcas. He can be seen with any pod member, though he is most often seen with Kohana, Skyla and Morgan.

Parto de Kohana - Loro Parque01:04

Parto de Kohana - Loro Parque

Kohana Giving Birth to Adán

Meet Adan01:44

Meet Adan

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